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No. Bookmarking DA Spam Score Date Added By
1 85 March 28, 2023 Tufail
2 32 March 28, 2023 Tufail
3 54 March 28, 2023 Tufail
4 93 December 2, 2022 Sheetal
5 75 July 12, 2022 naveen
6 74 July 12, 2022 naveen
7 78 July 12, 2022 naveen
8 79 July 12, 2022 naveen
9 81 July 12, 2022 naveen
10 89 July 12, 2022 naveen
11 89 July 12, 2022 naveen
12 92 July 12, 2022 naveen
13 93 July 12, 2022 naveen
14 50 July 7, 2022 naveen
15 25 June 7, 2022 kamayani
16 49 May 6, 2022 aditi
17 81 May 4, 2022 nikitaroy
18 1 May 4, 2022 nikitaroy
19 71 May 4, 2022 nikitaroy
20 86 1 February 25, 2022 Guest Blog Insider

Social bookmarking is a powerful technique used in search engine optimization (SEO) to promote a website or a blog. It is an online service where users can store, organize, share, and manage web pages that they find interesting or useful. Social bookmarking allows users to tag web pages with relevant keywords and descriptions, which makes it easier for other users to search and find them.

Benefits Of Social Bookmarking In SEO

One of the primary benefits of social bookmarking is its ability to improve search engine rankings. By submitting your web pages to high DA and PA social bookmarking sites, you can get valuable backlinks to your website, which can help boost your website’s authority and ranking in search engine results pages. The more backlinks you have, the more authoritative and trustworthy your website appears to search engines, and the higher your website ranks in search results.

In addition to improving search engine rankings, social bookmarking can also drive traffic to your website. By sharing your web pages on social bookmarking sites, you can attract visitors who are interested in your niche or topic. These visitors are likely to be more engaged and interested in your content, which can lead to more leads, sales, or conversions.

How To Start Doing Social Bookmarking?

To start doing social bookmarking, you need to create an account on a social bookmarking site and start submitting your web pages. Make sure you choose relevant keywords and descriptions for your bookmarks to improve their visibility and relevance.
If you’re new to social bookmarking, you may be wondering how to get started. Here are some basic steps you can follow:

Choose the right social bookmarking sites: Not all social bookmarking sites are created equal. Look for sites that have high domain authority (DA), high page authority (PA), and are do-follow. This will ensure that your submissions are more likely to be indexed by search engines and help improve your website’s ranking.

Create an account: Once you’ve selected the social bookmarking sites you want to use, create an account on each site. This will allow you to start submitting bookmarks and building a network of followers.

Submit your bookmarks: To submit a bookmark, simply copy the URL of the web page you want to bookmark and paste it into the submission form on the social bookmarking site. Add a relevant title, description, and tags to help users find your bookmark.

Engage with the community: Social bookmarking sites are more than just a place to store your bookmarks. They’re also a community of users who share similar interests. Engage with other users by commenting on their bookmarks, sharing their content, and following them.


Q. What are social bookmarking sites?

A. Social bookmarking sites are online platforms where users can store, organize, share, and manage web pages that they find interesting or useful. These sites allow users to create bookmarks, add tags and descriptions to web pages, and share them with other users. Social bookmarking sites are commonly used in SEO to promote a website or blog and drive traffic to it.

Q. What is the benefit of using social bookmarking sites?

A. Using social bookmarking sites can have several benefits, including:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Enhanced brand visibility and awareness
  • Greater reach and exposure
  • Better organization and management of bookmarks
  • Access to a wider range of resources and information
  • Improved collaboration and sharing among users

Q. What is a do-follow link in social bookmarking?

A. A do-follow link in social bookmarking is a type of link that passes link juice or authority from one website to another. It is a link that is recognized by search engines and helps improve the search engine ranking of the linked website. When a social bookmarking site provides a do-follow link, it means that the link will be counted as a backlink and can help improve the visibility and authority of the linked website.

Summing Up

Social bookmarking is a powerful technique that can help improve the visibility, authority, and traffic of a website. By using social bookmarking sites, you can promote your website, attract more visitors, and build a community of loyal followers. With this list of top social bookmarking sites, you can start submitting your web pages and reaping the benefits of social bookmarking in 2023. Remember to choose relevant keywords and descriptions and use do-follow links where possible to maximize the impact of your submissions.