Google My Business Verification Service

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Google My Business Verification Service Verify Your Business Easily

Do you want to verify your Google My Business listing to improve your Business performance? If yes, then you are at the right place. We, at Guest Blog Insider, have the expertise to provide the best Google My Business (GMB) service in Australia.

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If you’re worried that your GMB postcard didn’t come yet, we will help you. We aim to make your business competitive and successful on Google and Google maps. No matter how critical your Google My Business problem is, we ensure our expert assistance and support to come up with a solution.

We, at Guest Blog Insider, are proud to serve as the topmost priority of thousands of savvy and competitive business owners who aims to leverage the most powerful tool of the internet - Google.

Whether it’s the need for visually-appealing GMB posts, Google Business profile optimization, or online review management, our expert team takes care of all. Let us be your helping hand to provide the best Google My Business verification service.

Verifying your business in Google becomes easier than ever with us. So, take your step forward and enjoy our fast, efficient, and seamless service.


Best GMB Verification Service

We at Guest Blog Insider offer a wide range of GMB verification services to make things seamless. Our services include:

google my business ranking service
  • Postcard: You will receive a postcard from Google at your business address. If you do it on your own, the chances are that you may not get your postcard delivered within 5-7 days.
  • Text Message: Here, you’ll receive an automated text message on the business phone number linked to your profile. This message will give you the code for GMB verification.
  • Phonecall: You’ll get a robocall from Google on your business phone number. Once you or someone else picks up the call, Google gives the verification code for your GMB listing in audio format.
  • Email: You’ll receive the code for your Google Business Profile verification on an email ID consisting of the same domain name as your business. However, if your domain name doesn’t match the email address, go with the other options.
  • Google Search Console: If you face challenges in verifying your GMB account with any of the above methods, connect your business with Search Console. This will enable you to enjoy “instant verification,” says Google.
  • Ticket Submission: When everything else fails for Google My Business verification, you can manually try to verify your account manually by submitting a ticket to Google directly.
  • Video: Depending on your business niche and industry, you may get the option to verify your GMB profile via video call.

Google My Business (Business Profile) Verification Process

Verification Via Postcard

If you want to proceed with your Google My Business (GMB) verification process via postcard, we are there. Let us give you a brief summary of what we do here. We enter your business address in the GMB window. After that, you’ll receive a postcard along with a verification code. You can expect the postcard to arrive in 5-14 days.

We make sure that your business address adheres to the Google address entry guidelines. It’s advisable not to edit the business address, name, niche, or request for another code until the verification process is complete. This can delay the process, but we can save you from that hassle. We take care of all these issues and let you focus on your business growth.

To request a postcard for your GMB verification process via desktop, follow these steps:

  • Open your Google My Business account.
  • Choose the business for verification and click on “Verify Now.”
  • Ensure that the business address displayed on the postcard request screen is accurate. If the address is incorrect, edit it before requesting the postcard.
  • Click on the “Send Postcard” option.
  • Keep checking the mail for your postcard. It usually takes five days to arrive.
  • After receiving the postcard, sign in to Google My Business.
  • Click “Manage Location” on the location that you want to verify.
  • Go to the top of the page, navigate to the blue banner and click the “Enter Code” button.
  • Go to the “Code” field and enter your 5-digit verification code.
  • Click on “Submit.”

Once you submit the verification code, your business details will become entitled to come live on Google Search, Maps, and other services from Google. If you face any trouble or inconvenience while following these steps or just want to save time from all these hassles, let us be your companion in help.

Verification Without Postcard

Although a GMB profile verification without a postcard can be a bit confusing and troublesome, our expertise will definitely not disappoint you. Below are a few steps to help you verify your postcard without any hassle:

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    Step 1: Sign in to your GMB profile
  • 02
    Step 2: Navigate to the “Pending Verification” box.
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    Step 3: If you haven’t opted for any verification option, choose either “Verify Now” or “I don’t have a code.”
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    Step 4: You can click on “Verify Now” to check the options. Then, select the “Change Method” and move on.
  • 05
    Step 5: You have to review the verification options. Assuming that you have faced some trouble while receiving the postcard, you get the option to “resend the postcard” or “verify later.”
  • 06
    Step 6: First, it’s essential to know that every GMB account is different. You may get multiple options than sending a postcard to verify your account. If so, choose the most convenient option
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    Step 7: You can also verify your GMB profile with Google Search Console. However, your business and website must be registered and verified on Search Console. Although this option is unavailable to many companies, it’s worth the effort. To use Search Console for your GMB verification, first set up and verify your business there. If your business is wholly verified on Search Console, you’ll get an “Instant Verification” option on your GMB profile.
  • 08
    Step 8: If everything doesn’t work out, get in touch with the Google Community via Twitter or online forms.
  • 09
    Step 9: If you can’t reach out to the Google Community, you can use the Google Support platform to submit a ticket.
  • 10
    Step 10: If you want to save all these troubles and hassles and give more focus to your business expansion, leave the work to us. We will do it efficiently and quickly to ensure the best assistance

FAQ's On GMB Listing


After submitting the form, can I change the few details in the GMB?


Yes, you can edit and change a few details in the GMB to ensure that your business details on Google are updated and accurate. You can change the details like your business hours, address, photos, and contact info to help your customers learn more about your company.

You can also make changes and edit your business category, name, website, and phone number. You can make these changes after approval of the form.


Can an unverified GMB listing be managed by the business owner?


Every business owner who signed up and created their Google Business Profile but has an unverified GMB listing can manage their profile to change some crucial business details via their Google Account.

Once the changes get approved, they can get updated and posted prior to your business verification on Google Maps and Search.


Is it possible for me to respond to customer feedback on my company profile?


Yes, you can respond to customer feedback on your company profile. As a business owner, you get entitled to respond and reply to customer reviews on Google through your GMB account on a mobile device or desktop. To respond to customer feedback for your business profile on Google, follow these steps:

  • Open Google My Business and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the “Reviews” option on the left sidebar.
  • A comprehensive list of current reviews will appear.
  • Pick the review that you want to respond to.
  • Click on “Reply.”
  • A message box will pop up where you can type the response.
  • Finally, click on “Post Reply.”

Can I use GMB even though I don’t have a physical location?


Yes, you can use GMB even if you don’t have a physical location or storefront for your business, provided your business ensures personal interactions with the customers.

Also, you can use GMB if you’re a hybrid business that visits or delivers goods or products directly to the customer and serves them at physical outlets. If you’ve got a service-area company that helps customers directly but won’t serve them at physical locations, you’ll be eligible to use GMB too.


How long does it take to verify GMB?


Typically, it takes around 5-14 days to verify your Google My Business profile. Mostly, you’ll get the verification code within 14 days, but you’ve got to be careful as it expires within the next 30 days.

If your verification code expires, you can request a new one or use an online contact webform to verify your GMB listing. If there’s bulk verification need for business locations, thighs will take around a week. However, quality guidelines violations or errors can result in a delay.


How do I get GMB verification?


You can seamlessly get the best GMB verification with GUEST BLOG INSIDER. However, to do it yourself, follow these steps:

  • Open Google My Business and sign in to your account.
  • Select the business that you want to verify.
  • Click on the “Verify Now” option.
  • Ensure that the business address displayed on the postcard request screen is accurate. Also, you get the chance to add an optional contact name to help quick and efficient delivery of your postcard.
  • Click on the “Send Postcard” option.
  • Keep looking at your mail to check if the postcard arrived or not.
  • Once it arrives, use the verification code, and you’re all set!

How can I get a verification code without a phone?


GMB enables business owners to get a verification code without a mobile phone. You can get this code in your email ID, which you can check via your desktop or laptop. Also, you can get this verification code mailed to your business address via postcard.

Moreover, you can use Google Search Console to verify your Google My Business profile without any need for a verification code. It’s obvious that your business and website will have to be registered and verified on Search Console.

Although the option is unavailable to many, it will easily help you verify your property. If you’re 100% verified on Search Console, you’ll get the “Instant Verification” option to verify your Google My Business profile.


How do I request a postcard?


If you want to request a postcard for your business listing via desktop:

  • Open Google My Business and sign in to your account.
  • Pick the business that you’d verify.
  • Click on the “Verify Now” option.
  • Ensure to directly answer your business phone number to receive the verification code.
  • To get the code sent on your phone, click Verify by phone.
  • Receive the code via automated message.
  • Enter the code and get your GMB listing verified.

To request a postcard via mobile:

  • Use the Google My Business app.
  • Click on the “Call Me Now” option.
  • Fill in the verification code from the message
  • Tap on the arrow icon.

Does Google business verification cost money?


No, Google business verification doesn’t cost money. It’s a free business listing from GMB that helps businesses to be competitive and highly ranked among others on Google Maps and Google Search. However, if you seek expert services from us, you’ll have to pay a negligible amount as a fee.

Client Note: No insight on the pricing structure of the client. This answer is subject to change as per your feedback.


How do I claim a GMB listing?


To claim a GMB listing, follow these steps:

  • Search your business on Google and find your GMB listing.
  • You’ll get an “Own this business?” option.
  • If your GMB listing is unclaimed, you’ll be able to enter and confirm your business-related info there.
  • If you successfully claim the GMB listing, you’ll be able to use your Google My Business profile to modify or update any of your business information.